MaryAnn grew up in Washington DC and was inspired by the ‘60s music scene, she began singing and playing harmonica at an early age. As a young adult and a single mother, the stage and her music dreams were set aside for greater responsibilities. She never stopped stoking her internal musical flame and embracing its power.  She relocated to Hampton Roads founded Tidewater Arts Outreach in 2003 as a way to engage artists in the power of healing through music and the arts.


On the opposite coast, Cole caught the music bug at an impressionable age during the British Music Invasion. He played in rock and roll bands in high school; heady experiences which cemented a lifelong calling and commitment to the stage. Cole has focused that energy into his favorite music roots, the blues, and has been singing, touring, making CDs and gigging steadily for the past 25 years.  


Cole Stevens and MaryAnn Toboz met through a mutual friend; they, their music had a powerful and unique chemistry. Combining the time tested power of slide guitar and harmonica, they are able to conjure up an old skool blues feeling with power and authority. MaryAnn’s soulful harp solos backed by her vocal prowess is the perfect fit for Cole’s unique take on delta slide guitar style. Together they have created a great organic blend of blues music and singing that Hampton Roads and the Outer Banks can call their own.


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